Infortrend Storage

Fully dedicated to storage solutions, Infortrend has a strong technological foundation that includes one of the best R&D teams in the industry. Our integration team covers all aspects of storage systems, including hardware, firmware, software and system integration. To ensure product excellence, TheStation offers full in-house setup and SAN configuration. Our service includes a complete burn in and configuration of every system that is ordered. You can be assured that if you get the storage through us, it will be up and running when it is installed at end users facility. Also if you use our white label integration services we will include 30 days of free on-site support!


ATTO Technology

We exclusively use ATTO for all our turnkey SAN solutions. ATTO’s expertise in providing hardware for Media & Entertainment workflows makes it the only choice if you want reliable consistent performance. Utilizing ATTO’s Advanced Data Streaming Technology (ADS™) & MultiPath Director the Celerity Fibre Channel HBAs offer the best performance we have found for a multi user cross platform environment.


Tiger Technology

The Tiger Serve Shared Storage Workflow Controller is the ultimate Tiger shared storage workflow solution, with enterprise-class High Availability for mission-critical workflows, unlimited performance potential, and massive scalability for the most demanding rich media and enterprise applications. Tiger Serve is the ideal solution for:

DI & Finishing – colour grading, special FX and video editing workgroups

On-set 2K/4K film capture with instant dailies logging and editing

Alternative to Avid Unity & ISIS storage

Integration services

White Label Services

TheStation specializes in White Label Integration Services for the Media & Entertainment industry. Our team has been helping production facilities integrate the latest technologies for over 40 years. Our whole business model is built around helping resellers with onsite integration support for hardware and software as well as complete configuration of turnkey solutions. By focusing on Media and Entertainment from the integration and support side of the the business we have a unique perspective that sets us apart from standard IT channels. All of our support engineers have a production background so we fully understand the support needs that are required when a project dead line is close at hand. We will do everything we can to make sure your clients can deliver on time!