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Celerity FC-162E

Dual-Channel 16Gb/s Fibre Channel PCIe 3.0 Host Bus Adapter

Model No. CTFC-162E-000

Meeting tomorrow’s connectivity needs today, Celerity Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) extend the capabilities of software and hardware, increase overall system performance and drive intelligence all the way to the edge of the SAN. Celerity — a platform for advanced storage connectivity.



The ATTO Celerity FC-162E leverages two next-generation storage technologies — PCIe 3.0 interconnect and 16-Gigabit Fibre Channel.

With 16Gb/s FC speeds of up to 1600MB/s per channel, the Celerity
FC-162E supports the most demanding application requirements, including high-definition video, rich content databases and other high-bandwidth environments.

ATTO Celerity HBAs are an integrated family of advanced storage connectivity solutions that are designed to provide reliable connectivity, intelligence and scalability.

SFPs and 3-year standard product warranty included.


  • Dual-channel 16-Gigabit Fibre Channel HBA
  • 3200MB/s throughput per port in full-duplex mode
  • x8 PCI Express 3.0 (PCIe 3.0) host connection
  • Supports initiator and target mode
  • Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) Technology
  • Driver Support for Windows®, Windows Hyper-V, Linux®, Mac®, VMware®
  • Backward compatible with 8Gb/s and 4Gb/s Fibre Channel Products
  • Proven industry interoperability with support for SNIA HBA API
  • Supports NPIV and Virtual Fabric
  • Includes two 16Gb/s LC SFP+ transceivers
  • Includes high- and low-profile form factor bracket
  • All Celerity Fibre Channel cards come
    with a 3-year standard product warranty
  • Thunderbolt-aware driver for Mac OS X 10.6.8 & above and Windows 7 & 8
FibreConnect 1600 Series

16Gb/s Fibre Channel Switches

Model No. FCSW-1600-D00

The ATTO FibreConnect™ 1600 series of 16Gb/s Fibre Channel switches provide flexibility, simplicity, and enterprise-level functionality for small to mid-range SANs to enable high performance and low latency collaborative workflows. Available in 12-port configurations with a 12-port expansion to extend your switch to 24 ports along with an optional dual power supply. FibreConnect switches are an affordable solution for consolidating storage on a SAN, which increases productivity and allows multiple users to more efficiently share media resources.



The FibreConnect™ 1600 switches are easy to deploy, manage and integrate into both new and existing SANs while delivering exceptional performance and functionality. These switches combine auto-sensing 2, 4, 8, and 16Gb/s Fibre Channel throughput with features that greatly enhance workflow processes, allowing users to handle the ever-increasing digital footprint seen in such applications as 4K video editing, oil and gas exploration, scientific and medical research and complex databases. With Ports On Demand, scalable from 12 to 24-ports, the 1600 series enables organizations to grow their storage networks when necessary in a non-disruptive manner.


  • Max fabric latency: 700 ns; Forward Error Correction (FEC) adds 400 ns between E_Ports (enabled by default).
  • Aggregate bandwidth: 384 Gbps end-to-end (24 ports)
  • ISL Trunking options: Exchanged-based trunking is standard with no limit to how many trunk groups can be configured. Frame-based trunking is an optional upgrade with up to eight 16Gb/s ports per ISL trunk.
  • Port Speeds: Auto-sensing of 2, 4, 8, and 16Gb/s; optionally programmable to fixed port speed; speed matching between 2, 4 and 8Fb/s.
  • Single FOS fabric: 56 domains, 19 hops
  • Switch mode (default): 12-, and 24-port configurations (12-port increments through Ports On Demand licenses); universal (E, F, M, D) ports
  • Port Types: D_Port (Diagnostic Port), E_Port, F_Port, M_Port (Mirror Port); self-discovery based on switch type (U_Port); optional Access Gateway ports mode: F_Port and NPIV-enabled N_Port
  • Power Supply: Single hot-swappable power supply with integrated system cooling fans. Optional dual redundant hot-swappable power supply.


  • Complete SAN solution when combined with ATTO’s 16Gb/s Celerity Fibre Channel HBAs
  • Provides an affordable foundation for small to mid-range SANs
  • Delivers full 16Gb/s, 1:1 performance for up to 24 ports in a 1U form factor
  • Enables “pay-as-you-grow” Ports On Demand scalability from 12 to 24 ports
  • Includes one SFP for each active port, ear mount kit and 1-year standard product warranty
  • Web Tools interface simplifies configuration and management
  • Quick Start Guide and EZSwitchSetup wizard provides easy set for Mac, Windows and Linux connectivity.
  • Dual functionality as either a full-fabric SAN switch or as an N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV)-enabled gateway
  • Protects existing device investments with auto-sensing 2, 4, 8, and 16Gb/s capabilities
  • Proven ATTO and Brocade interoperability with leading video and IT infrastructure vendors
  • Low power consumption
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ATTO’s exclusive Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™ ) is a proprietary technology that is built into ATTO Host Adapters and RAID Storage Controllers, designed to manage latency in high-bandwidth work environments.

ADS provides controlled acceleration of data transfers by utilizing a combination of features to move large amounts of data faster and more efficiently, maintaining the highest consistent performance.

From high I/O transactional applications to large bandwidth real time streaming, ADS reduces project interruptions by maximizing the number of transactions that can be processed by the CPU, resulting in better overall system performance.

ADS Technology is incorporated into ATTO’s Celerity Fibre Channel Host Adapters, ExpressPCI SCSI Host Adapters, ExpressSAS SAS/SATA Host and RAID Adapters and Fast-Stream™ RAID Storage Controllers.


Industry’s Best Signal Quality: ATTO engineers pay astute
attention to the intricacies of signal clarity to ensure
smooth and reliable data transfers. For the user, this
means the difference between completing projects on
time or missing deadlines.

High Performance: Controlling data acceleration and
reducing latency means large amounts of data can move
faster and more efficiently, which is essential for applications
such as digital content creation, prepress, databases,
and video/audio streaming.

Time-Tested Drivers: With upwards of 20 years experience
designing high performance storage connectivity
products, ATTO has a long history of providing stable
drivers for Windows®, Linux, Mac® OS and VMware.


Optimized Driver Algorithms – Many generations of driver codes maximize stability and optimization for workgroup

Bus Mastering – Relieves CPU burden by transferring data directly between ATTO products and system memory

Tagged Command Queuing – Multiple I/O commands can be
processed in any order, improving read and write requests to hard drives

Disconnect/Reconnect – Eliminates wait time between ATTO products and other devices, enabling dynamic sharing of bus

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