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For over 25 years, ATTO has conducted in-depth testing of noise, interference, cable lengths and their effects on connectivity solutions. ATTO premium cables are specifically designed to optimize connections between high-performance storage, servers and workstations. ATTO cables are recommended for use with all ATTO products to ensure the highest levels of performance and data reliability.

Utilizing high-quality shielding, equipment-specific cable lengths and extensive pull testing to verify connection integrity, these premium cables ensure the best performance and data integrity from your ATTO-enabled infrastructure.


Pure Signal Integrity

ATTO Technology has been manufacturing storage connectivity products for over 25 years, becoming experts in the art of developing clean board design for smooth data streaming. ATTO engineers focus on signal integrity, designing to minimize jitter, crosstalk, reflections, and power supply noise, resulting in the cleanest signals in the industry.

This is one of the reasons why ATTO is the most trusted storage connectivity solution provider for high speed streaming applications. Signal quality is the best indicator of performance and could be the difference between completing projects on time or missing deadlines, or losing critical data. ATTO products can be relied upon for uninterrupted reliable, and high-performance data transfers.

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