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White Label Integration Services

TheStation specializes in White Label Integration Services for the Media & Entertainment Industry. Our team has been helping production facilities integrate the latest technologies for over 40 years. Our whole business model is built around helping resellers with onsite integration support for hardware and software as well as complete configuration of turnkey solutions. By focusing on Media and Entertainment from the integration and support side of the of the business we have a unique perspective that sets us apart from standard IT channels. All of our support engineers have a production background so we fully understand the support needs that are required when a project dead line is close at hand. We will do everything we can to make sure your clients can deliver on time!

Workflow Engineering Support

If you need help making sure the solutions you are providing to your clients we can assist you with Pre Sales Engineering support to make sure the proposed solutions to be sold will do what is needed.

Complete Outsourced Installation Services

If you need integration services we can offer complete outsourced installation services including Electrical and AC contractors to make sure your site supports the hardware being installed. All of this is done as if the outsourced Personal worked directly for your company. All technicians are trained and certified for all hardware they are installing.


The growing number of security threats created by attackers don’t discriminate their targets on the basis of size. Targets are often randomly selected—and the smallest shop needs to have the same level of strong protection that the biggest Fortune 500 company enjoys. SonicWALL offers solutions for any size organization, each one ideally suited to the unique challenges faced by each market—but each one delivering the most robust, easily managed and complete security environment available. Solutions for the enterprise.

Our Service Guarantee

If you use our Presales Engineers and Integration services we will guaranty that your customers new solution will be up and running with 30 days of free post sales integration support and replacement parts. We have 24/7 will call stock for all replacement parts for every item that is included in our storage bundled solutions. If its in one of our bundled you will have a replacement part ready for you guaranteed.

Does your company lack the budget for an internal product support team? The Station offers White Label Help Desk Services for resellers that want expertise, flexibility and scalability, but not the huge budget to staff a tech support team.

The Station’s team of experts supports your product by providing a transparent extension to your internal technical team. We can set up a dedicated, local number for your firm, and handle your inbound customer communications under your company brand.

Our trained professionals will not only identify themselves as part of your organization, they will impart a positive and lasting impression that will echo your company’s branding and messaging in customer care.

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